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Info on ScumVM graphics settings, instructions, games Info

What is ScummVM ?

SCUMMVM is an emulator which has been developed especially for old adventures.
In short, it allows the old games classics from "DOS TIMES" to live again under modern
operating systems.

Where does the name come from?

It's simple. LucasArts had developed a scripting language at that time to use the commands of the heroes
in the different adventures. Thus, a comfortable control
guarantees. This scripting language is called SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion)
As the name suggests, this script language was used for the first time for the
The last two letters VM stand for Virtual Machine.

Which games supports ScummVM?

In addition, there are still many games, which are quite unknown but are still built in.
A list of the games can be found here: http://www.scummvm.org/compatibility.php

On which operating systems does the air circulate ScummVM ?

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/Xp, Linux i386 , pPC, BeOS, Solaris, Mac OS X, Dreamcast, MorphOS, IRIX, palmOS and WinCE.

Downloads / Instructions

Tutorial how to add a game in SCUMMVM:

First of all install or extract ScummVM in a folder of your choice and run the Emulator. You can see a empty window but we will change that. (Picture 1)

(Picture 1)
Click on "Add Game" now you can see a explorer like window. Choose the folder of the installed game. You create a link for ScummVM to find the game and play it. You can now add al of your adventures you want to play with ScummVM.

(Picture 2)
If you choose the right folder, you have to click on the button called "Choose" (Picture 3). No files will be shown in this browser and no messae gives a feedback, but that's ok.

(Picture 3)
After choosing the right folder you will be prompted to the configuration menue of the game. You can take severall options. You can choose the language and the version of the game in this menue (picture 4).

(Picture 4)
You can change the folder settings in this menue (Picture 5) or you can choose a different folder for savegames. All savegames are saved in the install folder of ScummVM.

(Picture 5)
You can use severall different grafic settings for the game, if i can give you a little advice use one of this grafic filters ! The better the grafic the more fun you have. You can change the filters on the fly so feel free to test a few and see the difference. If you like you can play the game in fullscreen mode if you tic the option box. With "Asprect ratio" You can choose wether you want to use the original screen solution of 320*200 pixel or a little better one with 320*240 the game is a littel bit more slim.Quality of the different grafic filters in ScummVM

(Picture 6)
You can change the sound settings in this menu, but it is not really necessary the default settings should make it.

(Picture 7)
You can change the sound volume settings only for this game and overwrite the global sound volume settings in ScummVM. If you want to change the sound settings only for one game you have to set the "X" on overwrite.

(Picture 8)
No you have finished the configuration of your first game in ScummVM ! With a double click you can start the game or you choose the game with a left click and click on the start button.

(Picture 9)
If everything is OK the game starts now.

(Picture 10)

Differences of the different graphics filters in ScummVM

Sstandard the filter "2x" is switched on. It increases the original resolution of the respective game by the factor "2" (320*200 -> 640*400). Each filter works a bit differently.

Here is a list of all filters:

Ain addition there is the possibility to set "Aspect Ratio". Here the resolution is extrapolated from 320*200 to 320*240. This makes the graphic a little "slimmer".
Here is an example:

HQ 3* 960*600

Original graphic
HQ 3* 960*720

With Aspect Ratio
!!! Dthe complete screenshots can be packed in a ZIp file here ->DOWNLOAD download !!!

Hier I prepared some screenshots showing the same scene from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade".
I took a different filter for each one:
(Caution!: All graphics are only "BMP" files!)
That means uncompressed graphic files, then you can see the differences exactly. But the file size is relatively high.

Filter: 1x (320*200)
(original graphic)
Filter: 2x (640*400)(original graphic *2)
Filter: 3x (960*600)(original graphic *3)
Filter: DotMatrix 2x

Filter: Super SAI 2x
Filter: TV 2x

Filter: Super Eagle 2x
Filter: SAI 2x

Filter: HQ 2x
Filter: AdvMAME 2x

Filter: HQ 3x
Filter: AdvMAME 3x

!!! The complete screenshots can be packed in a ZIp file here ->DOWNLOAD download !!!


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