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I will post from time to time interesting informations about some Computergames.

OIL IMPERIUM / Blackgold COLONIZATION UFO / X-COM Terror from the Deep World of Xeen Rome Total War Anstoss 1 Anstoss 2007 Panzer General 1 Die Gilde Star Wars X-Wing

Freeware Downloads

  1. Internet Archive with many (ca. 2600) old Games for download(different genres)
  2. TDB soft with Remakes of older games(different genres)
  3. Mania Drive(Racing)
  4. BATTLECRUISER 3000AD(Fight/flightsimulator)
  5. "GTA" (Grand theft Auto), "GTA2" and "Wild Metal"(2D / 3D Actiongames)
  6. "Flight of the Amazon Queen" und "Beneath a Steel Sky"(Adventures)
  7. Kings Quest 1 (Remake)(Adventure)
  8. Kings Quest 2 (Remake)(Adventure)
  9. Kings Quest 3 (Remake)(Adventure)
  10. Quest for Glory 2 (Remake)(Adventure)
  11. Kings Quest 3(Adventure)
  12. Space Quest 2(Adventure)
  13. Flight of the Amazon Queen(Adventure)
  14. Beneath a Steel Sky(Adventure)
  15. Leisure Suit Larry 5(Adventure)
  16. Maniac Mansion Deluxe 1.4(Adventure)
  17. Day of the Tentacle(Adventure)
  18. Lemmings(Strategie/Puzzle)
  19. Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon(Wirtschaftssimulation)
  20. Mad TV(Wirtschaftssimulation)
  21. Blackthorne(Action)
  22. The Lost Wikings(Puzzle/Adventure)
  23. Rock N' Roll Racing(Action/Autorennen)

FAN-Remakes based on original games, which are still in work (only Adventures)

  1. FERTIG ! Zak Mackracken - Between Time and Space
  2. FERTIG ! Baphomets Fluch 2.5
  3. Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth
  4. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis II
  5. Maniac Mansion Mania

Infos , Solutions and NEWS

  1. Adventurearchiv
  2. Adventurecorner
  3. Adventure-Treff
  4. Loom Cathedral
  5. Tentakelvilla


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