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Infos&Tricks about the guild 1

The Guild Gold Version 2.06 (Gold Patch)

Sales Platform Publicity Playable OS Requirements
JoWooD PC 2003 Windows 98 Pentium 2 400 Mhz, 8x Cd-Rom, 3D graphics card with 16 MB Ram, 64 MB RAM, 750 MB free hard disk space

Tips for the stability of a network game

The problem with the guild is that it often crashes in the network. Unfortunately, the cause cannot be determined exactly. However, one thing can be said:
The more advanced the game, the higher the probability of a network error. This is explained in the complexity of an advanced game. The longer you play, the more events happen and the more objects there are in the game.

Error correction approaches:

. , for example.
1. ping test
Network connection must function properly -> The connected computers must all be accessible !
You can test this for example with a PING command --->>>> To do this, enter "CMD" in the lower left corner of Start -> Execute -> and press enter
. Now the result should look like in the example (picture 1):

In case of an error no connection is established and it looks like in picture 2

(Picture 1)

(Image 2)
2. network speed
Further more you should test if the network throughput is acceptable !
Sometimes it happens that a network card driver does not work properly, then you often only have a throughput of a few kilobytes. You can test the throughput by copying a file over the network. The easiest way to do this is with Windows Explorer. Copying a file with 100 MB size should not take longer than 12 - 20 seconds (100 Mbit LAN) or approx. 2 - 3 min (10 Mbit LAN). The network throughput can be better tested with programs such as Net IO

Acceptable Network Throughput:
10 Mbit ~ 600 - 800 Kbyte/s
100 With ~ 6 - 8 MByte/s
3. priority of the game process
It can also help to start the game with a higher priority than all other processes. This can be done with the command "start gildegold.exe /abovenormal". You have to change to the game directory and execute the command there. You can copy the attached file into the game directory and execute it, the bat file only contains the above command. diegilde.zip
4. install the latest patch
It is absolutely necessary to install the latest patch (Version 2.6) (6 MB). There many bugs in the game will be fixed. Even after the patch there are still many bugs, but every fixed bug helps to keep the game stable.



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