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Information on the 2007 kick-off !


In order to get an optimal training you can either slowly and continuously create your own training weeks or download training weeks from the internet.


  1. Sponsors It makes sense not to accept all sponsor contracts immediately at the 1st negotiation. One should negotiate these, but in the end not "accept" but "postpone". Thereby one gets further sponsor offers in the following weeks. These should also be postponed. Under Club->Marketing you can then choose between the sponsors and thus choose the best one.
  2. Installation

    1. Outside/Flanks Superiority If you are inferior to an opponent, it sometimes helps to move the lineup to one side, so that an outer lane is better occupied than that of the opponent. To match this, you should use the corresponding side as tactic. This can look like playing with a LS&ST instead of ST&ST. In the midfield you can turn an OM into an OLM/ORM, also with a DM. Of course you can also set up 2 LM/RM on one page. The weaker side, which is now less occupied, should be covered by a relatively good player, otherwise the attempt could start backwards.

    2. Since the game is absolutely no longer my favorite. I won't publish any more tips here. I'm more annoyed about the bugs on the game than playing it, so I'll leave the two tips above if anyone has use for it. Maybe in the future I'll take the category out completely, let's see.


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