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Many info & tips and tricks for kick-off / kick-off1 / WorldCup Edition

  1. Overview Versions
  2. Highscores
  4. Tips for the game
  5. Tricks / Cheats to the game
  6. Screenshots
  7. start to run on today's operating systems, an instruction
  8. Color error at the WorldCup Edition

Overview versions of kick-off

Sales Platform Publicity Playable OS Requirements Emulator Manual
Ascon ( Today Ascaron) PC 1993 DOS 486-33 Mhz, 4 Mb Ram Install Infos , Dosbox Instructions
Ascon ( Today Ascaron) Amiga 1993 Amiga DOS ??? In progress


Tips for the game

set up :
defense : If you play with Libero, then this should always be an experienced player (min 30-33 years old) and have a high playing strength. midfield: In the midfield always let the strongest player act as "playmaker" (only if he has good form values, sont gives rather disadvantages). The more players in the midfield the more chances are worked out. A superior midfield does not allow the opponent any chances.
storm: I made the experience, that you score most goals, if you have a strength of at least 10 in the storm, e.g.: 2 players of 5 with 10 form points each. Of course, there is no patent recipe for winning. But you can try the following: And that is which part of the team of the opponent is stronger. I've made good experiences with it, if the opponent has a strong defense as a countermeasure a very strong midfield to let compete. For an opponent with a strong midfield either an even stronger midfield or a very good defense.
Assembly Tip I made an experience, if you pay attention to match the defense strength to the opponent and e.g. only play with 3 people in the defense, but let more players play in the midfield. If you have a good chance to tie up your opponent completely. If the storm is not too bad, the game usually ends well :-) But there is no guarantee for that. Victory bonus The prize money wears off in the long run, at least that's how it seems to me. Therefore, don't always play with 9000 win bonus permanently, because otherwise the players will be "full" at some point and won't react properly to the bonus.
Training : Sometimes it's not always the tactics (alignment&positioning) but the training that counts. You should try out a few different possibilities to get a feeling for how to set up and train best.
Here is an overview, which training focus has which effect on the players:
  1. Elfmeter -> Elfmeters are transformed more safely.
  2. Free kicks -> Increases the hit rate for free kicks
  3. Lone Entrance -> A random striker wins a shape point. In addition, the use of the solo entries is trained by strikers.
  4. Tacklings -> A random defender is upgraded by one shape point. The defense of solo runs by opposing strikers is trained.
  5. Moves -> -> Worthwhile only if the team has good form values. Increases the success of a move.
  6. Offside trap -> Training is only effective if the offside trap is used in the game. The value fluctuates between 0 - 20. Under 10 one has only disadvantages only over the value 10 one has advantages.
  7. Condition -> The team has the chance to score more goals in the last 10 minutes of the game by being in good condition.
  8. Gymnastics -> This can prevent some minor injuries (strains, etc..).
  9. Regeneration -> This adds one shape point to 3 random players. The effect is already less (only 2 players) when you train the 2nd player, so there is no need to train more often for regeneration.
  10. Individual training -> Here a player can be promoted particularly

    Tricks / Cheats

  11. First you remember all values from the financial situation menu. Then you only need the savegame file (*.ANS) with an editor (for example Notepad/Windows Editor,etc...) and searches for the values (CTRL+F). The values can now be changed arbitrarily, but only numbers before the dot are taken into account. The six zeros behind the point must not be changed !
  12. One more money cheat. To do this you start the kick-off editor and change or create a new player with the following features:
    age -> 18 years
    strength -> zero
    Then you start a new game, answering "No" to the question "Should the contracts have already been negotiated? Most of the time the previously changed player now has an expired contract and you can sell it for a lot of money.
  13. In the Bundesliga editor you can create players with a strength from 0 to 17. These can earn up to 60 million marks if you sell them, which doesn't always work.
  14. In the editor for foreign players you can enter 0.1 million as the transfer fee. If you now click on the player again, there should be -1,610 million. If you now buy the player, you get 1.610 million DM for him.


PC version of kick-off PC version of kick-off
Amiga Version of Anstoss
Amiga version of kick-off

Dosbox Settings for trigger 1 & installation

For the sound effects and the audio music to be loaded from CD, the paths in the following files must be correct:
  1. ANIM.CFG - Path of the folder ANIM on the CD Example: E:\ANTSOSS\ANIM
  2. SOUND.CFG - Folder path SMP on the CD Example: E:\ANSTOSS\SMP\
In the DOSBOX.CONF file of DOSBOX it depends mainly on the following settings:

cycles = 10000
sensitivity = 190
autolock = false
fullscreen = false (important otherwise the keyboard suddenly doesn't work anymore Version: 21.06.06 Dosbox Version 0.65)
sbtype = sbpro1
irq = 5
dma = 1
xms = true
ems = true
umb = true

Also the impulse CD should be in the drive and mounted with the following commands:

After mounting the CD, you can switch to the drive with the command "D:" (depending on which drive letter was selected during mounting).
There you start the installation routine with "INSTALL" you will now be asked for some parameters:
You should select in the Animatiosnsetup that the graphic will be filtered and that the animations are switched on. The animation data should not be packed.
After that, kick-off should go. To start with CD music and comments "k c" enter.

Tips for playing the WorldCup Edition

If you use the Dos Extender DOS32a to increase the speed in the game, then the colors in the WorldCup Edition are displayed wrong. Just play without the DosExtender and there are no more color errors.


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