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Infos Links and tips to start and play Colonization


sales platform publicised Playable OS demands Emulator Guide
Microprose PC 1994
DOS (2.31)
WIN 3.1 (3.1415926)
386,2MB RAM Dosbox manual
Microprose Amiga 1995 ??? ??? non-existent

Info and Installation


Install the Dos version of Colonization and start it with Dosbox. Alternatively you can of course start Colonization with an original MS-DOS operating system.

Patch from version 3.0(required) to version 4.0

Only install the patch if version 3.0 already exists.


Simply install the Windows version for Windows 3.1 and run the patch on the Win9x version, then Colonization should also work on modern computers work. How Colonization behaves with NTFS partitions is not known to me at the moment, this can also cause problems. lead.

patch from Windows 3.1 version to Win95/98 version

For all versions independent whether DOS or WIN an old WING.DLL
is required !!!

translation into German for DOS version:


  1. Very good colonization page with info+tips about the game
  2. Unofficial Colonization Homepage/Fanpage
  3. Freeware Project of Colonization


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