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Infos about Panzer General 1 Dos+Windows versions and alternatives

Tank General 1

Sales Platform Publicity Playable OS Requirements Emulator Manual
Strategic Simulation Inc. (SSI) PC 1994
Win 95
Win95 Special Edition
386.4MB RAM
486.8 MB RAM
486.8 MB RAM
Dosbox Instructions
The Learning Company Playstation 1996 - - not available
Zargo Games Palm OS 2005 Palm OS 5.0 - not available

Screenshots of the Windows version

Comparison Dos <> Windows Version

  1. The Windows version uses a higher resolution than the Dos version, which increases the gaming fun tremendously ! The desktop resolution will be used. The Dos version only has a resolution of 320*200. I'm currently playing with the Windows version on a 19" TFT with a resolution of 1280*1024, so you can see a lot more of the playing field.
  2. Also the DOS version creates other savegames. As well as for the email game (PBM.SV1 and PBM.SV2), as for the normal savegames (GAME.SV*) in single player mode.
  3. The Windows version uses for normal savegames the ending *.SAV the files for email games have the ending *.EML (in version 1.3 *.PML).
  4. The different email files between the Windows version can be bypassed by simply changing the endings to match the version, then you can also play with these two versions together.
  5. You have the possibility to speed up the move of the computer/ AI if you don't feel like watching it. This is done via the menu:
  6. The gameplay is very similar to that of Allied General, which means that all information opens in an extra window.

Patches & Updates

DOS Version:
  1. Update to Version 1.2
Windows Version (not Special Edition):
  1. Update to Version 1.2
  2. fix Prestige Bugs in Version 1.2. The installation is very easy. Just unzip the file from the ZIP archive into the directory of Panzer General. Using the new .EXE file instead of the old .EXE should now not cause a prestige bug in email games.
Windows Version (Special Edition):
  1. Update to Version 1.3 Prestige Bug Fix

Additions and changes to PG1

There are many sites on the internet, which provide different campaigns, new units, new unit pictures, new versions of Panzer General.
  1. wolfs Panzerlexikon - Here you will find great information about each unit, as well as many tips about the game.
  2. Dirk Cremers Panzergeneralseite - There are currently 2605 scenarios for the Panzer General series, as well as various map editors.
  3. Panzer General Fanpage - Page with unofficial patches and a new interface for Panzer General.

PG Forever! (Freeware)

Pg Forever is a remake of the original, the developer has abandoned his project in Zwischen, but it's still great to play n! You can download it here PG Forever Version 1.01 and PG Forever Patch to Version 1.02. More info can be found here: http://panzercentral.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=49961


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